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Home for the Holidays: First time homebuyer


I am going to keep you guys informed on how my business is doing through blogging. As an agent, I hope to provide useful content to you as a future homeowner, current homeowner, or investor. By reading some of the day to day activities of an agent. It will give you a better understanding of just how much your Agent does for you from for sale to sold. I am going to walk you through my first transaction. It will give a clear picture of how I was able to secure the deal for my first-time home buyers. 

My very first clients had a wish list of 5 acres, move-in ready, and around 115k. With the market being a "sellers market" it was very hard to find a property to match their wish list. However, we had a house pop up on the market that hit all their key areas. Within hours of it coming on the market, we scheduled a showing to look at the property. Being move in ready you have to jump on it quick, especially in the first-time home buyer price range. My clients loved the property! Their one stipulation is it HAD to have enough room for at least 2 horses. I was not able to get ahold of the zoning officer until the next morning. So, I negotiated with the listing agent to see if they would hold off on submitting offers till the next day. He agreed and that next morning I found out they were able to have horses on the property. We put an offer in above asking price and asked for closing costs. We waited all day and that night we got the news that the sellers had ACCEPTED our offer! My clients were ecstatic! 

After getting the offer accepted RE/MAX United staff and I went to work getting the inspections ordered and getting the lender up to speed and rolling. We had to have the deal closed within 30 days so that the sellers wouldn't loss the house they were looking to purchase, so we choose to go with the experts in the area Treadstone Mortgage. They worked diligently and fast to get the job done. We ended up closing 8 days early even with a RD loan! They absolutely rocked it! The power of having a rock star lender is HUGE! Treadstone works very closely with us at RE/MAX United. With everything on the line all partners came together and got my clients into their new home before Christmas! 

In conclusion you want to find someone you can relate to, trust, and feel safe with. Someone that will grind it out for your transaction to the point where you feel like, "Wow I feel like I didn't have do a thing." They took care of everything! If you are going to trust me with one of the biggest transactions you have in a lifetime. Know that I will go to battle for you! My goal is to make the transaction as smooth as possible. If you have any questions please reach out! Below are the ways you can get in touch with me!

Instagram: @thejeeprealtor

Cell # 616.265.8277


P.S. The greatest form of flattery is a referral form a friend!

Thank you!
Marry Christmas!

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Kevin "Red" Irwin
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